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How Do I Get My Profit?

How do I get paid for my work?

Payments are calculated automatically at the end of each month

The payment cycle for Arabsstock contributors is prepared on a monthly basis. Payments are calculated at the end of each month to contributors who meet the minimum payment amount and are eligible to receive payment. Payments are sent when the contributors requests to transfer the profits from his account at the time of calculating the payment.

Payment cycle
1. Payment period
In the first 7 days of the beginning of each month, after which the payment period ends and a new cycle begins.
After the payment period ends we start calculating the payments.
2. Payment Account
Payments are counted only to those contributors who are eligible to receive a payment and whose revenue have reached the minimum amount of return specified in the account and when the contributors submits a request to withdraw the revenue.

If both requirements are met, we reset your Unpaid Earnings to zero and start the process of calculating and issuing a payment. The process of calculating payments usually takes a few days.

Once the payment account is completed, we will send you an email through PayPal to let you know that the payment has been completed.
3. Payment Processing
Payments are usually sent to Paypal after the contributor requests the withdrawal and transfer of profits and based on the previously described terms.
4. Payment Status
Once the payment has been processed and submitted electronically, it will be reflected in your Payment History.

What might affect my eligibility to receive payment?
Your account needs to meet your minimum payment amount.

Do I need to request my payment?
Yes, it is necessary to request that your earning be withdrawn from your account to request payment.

What are my options for receiving payments?
Arabsstock currently offers the following payment methods:

What if I do not meet the minimum payout amount in one month?
If you don't reach the threshold, all your earnings will be carried over to the next month. This will repeat every month until you have accumulated enough to receive your payment.

Why didn't I receive my payment or payment email?
If the payment is in your "Payment History", but you have not received the funds, please make sure that you have entered the correct PayPal withdrawal mail in your Arabsstock account when submitting the request to withdraw funds, if you have provided the wrong mail please contact us to deal with the payment.